Conceal it. Don't feel it. Don't let it show.
Your Love Is My Turning Page
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One thing I’ve never quite notice

was how quickly our world fell apart.

Like a stone castle falling to ashes

aniously wanting to end it all,

and this is where our story starts.

There was you and there was me,

our lives were full of happiness, or so it seem.

like a river, always flowing

our love was untouchable, never slowing.

Then one day you said to me, “this cannot work so I let it be”

i know we said words and we had fights,

that strived on for endless nights.

It seems like everything we did in the past was a sin,

But i know one thing for sure; is that our love will never come to an end.

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With an eternity to live, what better way to laugh at fate than to live well. No., Better- to live gloriously. Eat sumptuously, Drink deeply, laugh at destiny, and do not go gentle into that eternal night.

- How to be a vampire

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It seems only by the hand of God or death,
will they truly change their silhouettes.
for a miracle or a consequence,
you wait and wait…

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